• 2021 Annual Biz-tech Forum

    The future after the pandemic

    2020 ANNUAL Biz-Tech Forum

    Connect the dots

    Biz-tech Mentorship Program


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    Internship Seminar

    While looking for internship opportunities, it is a common concern that one could send out many resumes yet fail to get a phone call from the recruiter. Come to internship seminar to know more about internship hunting and get ready to face the competitive market in the industry!

    DreambigCareer World Campus U.S. travel -U.W. station Workshop

    This workshop event is aimed to help students at the University of Washington, especially to international students, to get to know more about big Four, and the workflow within these company. It also helps to pass more information to them about the differences between different companies and different department.


    Hear advice related to job hunting from Microsoft professionals in technology, engineering and finance. Enjoy the light dinner and network with professionals!

  • Who are we?

    The Technology and Business Association was founded in Seattle as a non-profit organization in March 2013 by a group of UW students. Currently, we have about 1600 members in the Seattle area and 400 members in Minnesota. We aim to promote connections between UW students and the professionals in the Great Seattle Area and to offer smooth transitions between academic and different industries. In particular, we want to explore the possibilities and philosophies resulting from the collision between technology and business. We are here to help everyone improve their leadership skills, to provide professional education and various internship opportunities, and to foster future leaders within a variety of disciplines.


    We aim to provide a platform for people to exchange ideas about technology and business. We believe there is a huge value if we connect business ideas with technological skills. Lastly, we are here to help everyone to improve their leadership skills, provide professional education, give internship opportunities, and foster future leaders.


    Currently, we have about 1600 members in Seattle area and 400 members in Minnesota. Our members come from various fields, ranging from undergraduate freshmen, to PhD candidates, also from entrepreneurs, to senior managers from distinguished companies all around the world. We provide various internship opportunities for our members.


    We partner with a number of organizations in Seattle, such as the Association of Entrepreneurs and Experts in Seattle, China Entrepreneur Network, Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Taiwanese Students Association, Taiwanese Overseas Students Association, Entrepreneur Club, Arch for Startup, Japanese Students Association, Microfiles, Minority Leaders of Communication, Asian Business Students Association, Bridging Pacific, Confucius Institute of the State of Washington, etc.