• Explore the post-pandemic outlook through the lens of business & tech

    BizTech 2021

  • Context

    Since the advent of the pandemic, we have gradually acclimated to a new form of living -- from attending fully remote courses to working at home for traditionally on-site jobs. The pandemic has compelled us to ponder in new perspectives, how we interact and socialize with others while abiding by guidelines for maintaining an apt social distance. It has also prompted us to think about the future of our personal and professional lives, how technology is changing our ways of communication and interaction. We believe that understanding these changes is pivotal in every student's preparation for their prospective careers, regardless of the discipline, and we seek to offer a platform where they are able to explore the various topics and engage in an interactive environment that fosters both their personal and professional developments.

  • Objectives



    To help students foresee changes in a variety of fields in the context of the pandemic



    To engage students in discussions and encourage them to think critically on emerging topics



    To reinforce connections between students and professionals through networking opportunities

  • Subtopics

    Data Science

    February 28 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

    Since the emergence of the idea, big data has gradually assimilated into our daily lives. Governments and companies all utilize big data to improve efficiency and use its advantages to bring changes in our lives. However, a coin has two sides, so does big data.

    Through this opportunity, we want to offer students who have a fervent interest in data science a chance to dig deeper into this area. To gain a more comprehensive knowledge of this field through the perspectives of professionals.


    February 27 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

    Health science/Healthcare is an ongoing and extremely crucial topic in this new decade. Facing the recent health threats during the year 2020, especially the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, how can humans stay healthy and save their fellows under the current situation?

    In this panel discussion, we will first examine the current health industry in regard to our current pandemic. We will then move on to investigate several advanced fields and technologies relating to healthcare that is catalyzed by the pandemic



    February 28 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

    Apart from public health, COVID-19 also has tremendous impacts on the global economy and the market. We observed many unprecedented phenomenons in the past year. As UW students and global citizens, we want to understand and discuss the causes behind market behavior and the future of our global market. Therefore, Biztech 2021, Post-covid Investing & Market Changes, aims to provide the platform for professionals and UW students to share and generate market insights and creative ideas.

    Online Education

    February 27 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

    In this Covid-19 era, education faces enormous challenges as most learning turns to an online mode. However, it makes the online education industry being discovered, grow, and flourish in this gloomy environment with the use of powerful EdTech.

    In the panel discussion, first, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning, and how Covid-19 influences traditional and online education. Then we will move on to the future development of online education after the pandemic.

  • Event Details

    Target Audience

    We are expecting around 300 students from in and outside of the UW. They can be in need of guidance for their future academic and career plans, are seeking opportunities to build professional connections, or are simply willing to learn more about the technology and business-related fields. Overall, we welcome students of all backgrounds and interests and are looking forward to a diverse group of students and professionals.

    Guest Speakers

    We plan to invite 3 to 4 panelists each to 4 different rooms, or 12 to 16 in total, with their selected topic of interest from one of the possible subtopics. Last year, we were glad to have invited speakers from companies including Facebook, Boeing, Amazon, EY, JP Morgan, Google, and Microsoft to join us in exploring numerous cross-interdiscplinary fields.

  • Event Highlights


    TBA’s biggest annual signature event, which provides a platform for students at UW to connect with professionals from industries


    Brings about 300 students who are interested in the fields of business and technology together to exchange ideas


    Invites approximately 30-40 professionals from different companies to join our student participants for a networking dinner*


    Merges panel talks, breakout rooms discussion, and free networking session together for a more interactive learning experience


    Inspires the next generation with professional experience and insights from various fields of expertise

  • Who We Are

    The Technology and Business Association was founded in Seattle as a non-profit organization in March 2013 by a group of UW students. Currently, we have about 1600 members in the Seattle area and 400 members in Minnesota. We aim to promote connections between UW students and the professionals in the Great Seattle Area and to offer smooth transitions between academic and different industries. In particular, we want to explore the possibilities and philosophies resulting from the collision between technology and business. We are here to help everyone improve their leadership skills, to provide professional education and various internship opportunities, and to foster future leaders within a variety of disciplines.