• 2022 BizTech Forum – Dive into the Future

    How will emerging technologies reshape traditional industries

    HUB Room 250 (Metaverse), HUB Room 145 (E-commerce)

    Feb. 26th, Saturday, 5:15 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. PST

  • Event Context


    In the year just passed, the entire world was dramatically impacted by Covid-19. Besides the threats that many industries confronted in the past year, the pandemic also uncovered unexpected new opportunities for us to explore in the post-covid era. Based on the situations, TBA aims to invite professionals working in various emerging fields to share their unique insights with our student participants. Our annual International Biz-Tech Forum is dedicated to guiding students to detect up-to-date trends in technology and business-related fields as well as helping them better prepare for their career paths.

  • Our Goals




    Spotlight the ground-breaking innovations in the past year and forecast the upcoming opportunities in technology and business-related fields



    Create a welcoming environment for you to learn, explore new fields and career paths, share unique perspectives, and exchange ideas with peers and industry professionals



    Provide a networking platform for you to build connections with excellent peers & experienced professionals

  • Topic 1: Metaverse


    How will metaverse enhance living experience, through creating immersive entertainment platforms?

    Sample Video Info: Video from Meta: Gaming in the metaverse

    Social Networking

    How will people create connections through remote gatherings and hangouts?

    Sample Video Info: Video from Meta: Social in the Metaverse


    How will metaverse improve remote collaboration and productivity in workplaces?



    How will selling and buying of digital assets work in the metaverse?

    Sample Video Info: Investors Buy Up Metaverse Real Estate in Virtual Land Boom | WSJ

  • Topic 2: E-commerce


    How will advanced payment methods make transactions faster and more convenient in a paperless era?

    Sample Video Info: Electronic Payments 101

    E-Supply Chain Management

    How will e-supply chain management facilitate inventory tracking and warehouse administration?

    Sample Video Info: Digital Supply Chains

    Social Commerce

    How will brands leverage social media and algorithms to reach consumers and build authentic relationships?


    Visual Commerce

    How will AR, video, visual effect, ads creatives enrich product content and enhance customer experience?


  • Dinner, Networking & Prizes

    In this session, we will invite not only guest speakers from the two above sessions but also recruiters from the industry, providing our student participants a platform to build their professional network, further go in-depth into various industries, and learn about respective career paths from our 30+ guest speakers. With light dinner, refreshments, prizes, and more surprises to come, we aim to create a relaxing environment for further learning and connection building.

  • Raffle Prizes

    1st Prize

    VR Headset

    2nd Prize

    Airpod 3rd Generation

    3rd Prize

    HomePod Mini

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